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Let's Flip The Bench
Whats At Stake

We Need To Transform The New Orleans Judiciary

For too long, judges in New Orleans have come out of the old tough-on-crime throw-them-away prosecutor's office. They have had strong ties to the bail bond industry and have put profit over people, levying fines and fees to pad their own budgets. They have put innocent people in prison, imposed years of incarceration on those who committed low-level, non-dangerous offenses, and have meted out unequal justice to Black people. This slate of candidates will treat all people with humanity, rely on smart, research-based solutions, and prioritize public safety over punishment.

They will transform what justice looks like in New Orleans. 

The Slate

The Slate


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To Change Justice, Change The Bench

Their Platform

The Change We Need

  • End the reliance on unaffordable money bail for all but the most serious of cases

  • End the routine detention of people for probation violations

  • End the trial penalty, which punishes people for longer sentences when they go to trial 

  • Stop levying unnecessary fines and fees and work towards a court rule to prohibit such costs

  • Shorten sentences and look for alternatives to incarceration

  • Commit to improving court calendars so that people are not funneled through the system  


Support Our Mission

Support the PAC for Justice in our efforts to dramatically transform justice in New Orleans and elect judges who will put people over profit. 

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